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Our Mission

As one of the biggest independent providers of investment solutions in Switzerland, our mission is to support our clients in achieving better investment results.

We facilitate investment solutions such as structured products, private label funds and off-balance sheet wrappers between financial institutions and professional investors through technologically enabled investment services.

These solutions vary in scale and liquidity, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. Our proprietary and state-of-the-art tools help us in supporting investors to enhance and simplify their portfolio management. The ability to understand the evolving needs of our extensive network of clients, together with our strong capabilities in financial markets, have been the key for our success.

Anova: [/aˈnəʊvə/]


Our Services

By booking all your current and future products into our proprietary risk database, we enable you to overcome the information asymmetry that still exists between buyers and sellers. Our risk- and product management services are being facilitated through a state of the art technology which should enable you to make better investment decisions that result in a higher return for your clients.

We enable you to structure, manage, represent, and distribute your own private label fund whatever your needs and requirements are. Together with our partner 1741 Group we offer exclusive access to a holistic solution that takes care of all your needs. Our all-in-fee approach ensures full price transparency.

We offer access to off-balance sheet issuance structures for public-, private- or digital market products for your investment strategy with no bank issuer risk. Our comprehensive approach ensures and coordinates service providers throughout the life cycle of your product.

We believe independence is crucial
to meet customer needs.

That is why we choose not to issue own products nor do we take proprietary market risks.